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4 Things Every Future Computer Science Student Should Know

As I head into another school year and I’m closer to completing my B.S. in computer science I’m beginning to notice some things about my chosen major (computer science) that I feel could be helpful to future students. There are many common misunderstandings about computer science within society, below I have listed four items that every future computer scientist should know.

1. Computer Science Isn’t About Computers

Yes that’s right, computer science isn’t about computers. On the surface it may seem like it is of course computer science teaches you to program which does in fact take place on a computer and learning how to write programs is a large part of computer science. But alas, at its core is about math. A computer science degree is not the same as a software engineering degree. Most university’s don’t offer a  software engineering degree so you may not have a choice. The cool thing about computer science is that the math that is at its core, is largely theory based and some of it is actually really interesting.

2. You Can Not Get Away From Math

Yes, That’s true. You simply can’t get away from math, you don’t have to be the next Einstein but you might as well accept the fact that you will have to take calculus, most likely up to multivariable calculus as well as linear algebra. Every school has its own requirements but multivariable calculus and linear algebra are fairly normal courses. For those of you that love math, that’s great! But for those of you that see this as a road block here is the truth; I am in no way a math geek, and I was able to successfully completely these classes and so can you! Just work hard and go to class you’ll be fine.

3. Computer Science is Really Cool 

I know what you’re probably thinking, “I already know that”. But I really mean it, computer science is really cool. Unlike many other fields such as biology where scientists do research and make new discovers, computer scientists actually create the new areas of study. Unlike most science fields, it’s less about discovery and more about creativity.

4. You have many different career paths

A computer science degree isn’t going to streamline you straight into a software development job. The fact is as a computer scientist you will have many different career choices. Software development is one choice, network admin is another, project manger, and data analyst are a few others. With more education, you can even add college professor to that list. My point here is simply this, you have more options with a computer science degree.